Michigan Wrestling 
Officials' Association

Legacy Program
MHSAA Legacy Student Officials Program
(Sponsored by the Michigan Wrestling Officials Association)

The MHSAA Legacy Student Officials Program is designed to introduce high school juniors and seniors to officiating high school wrestling. The Michigan Officials Wrestling Association, (MWOA), has created a program to recruit high school juniors & seniors and assign them to an experience wrestling official for guidance.

This mentoring program will allow high school students, and anyone else interested in officiating wrestling, the opportunity to gain valuable experience under the watchful eye of an experience wrestling official. 

The Mentor Official will introduce the Student Official to the practices and procedures of officiating high school wrestling. He will be available to answer questions and will actually work as the student official’s assistant on the mat until the student is comfortable with officiating on their own.

Student officials will be required to commit both verbally and in writing to the commitment required to becoming a capable wrestling official. This will include, but is not limited to, studying the wrestling rulebook & casebook, completing all necessary requirements required by the MHSAA, and committing to the code of conduct outlined in the MWOA Bylaws.

Student officials will also be required to commit both verbally and in writing to becoming a Mentor Official once their training program has been completed and they have at least one years experience as a wrestling official. This will allow student officials to pay it forward once they have gained the necessary experience.

Both the Mentor and the Student Official will be recognized for their commitment, on stage, at the Annual Officials Banquet held in Lansing. A certificate of completion from the MHSAA will be presented by the Mentor to the Student Official during the ceremony.

Below are links to the information required to participate in the MWOA Mentoring Program.

1)The link below is the MHSAA’s Legacy Student Officials Program FAQ’s.

2)The link below is the Wrestling Officials Registration Information, the MHSAA Legacy Student & Mentor Official Pledge form, and the “Overview” of the Student Official & Mentor’s commitment information.

3)The link below is the MWOA’s Student Official’s commitment form to becoming a Mentor Official once there training program has been completed.
          Legacy Official Agreement Form