Michigan Wrestling 
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Officiating Articles
2011-12 Wrestling Rules in Color
Wrestling Referee Signals and Mechanics Presentation by Mark McClenathan
Referee Mechanics by Fred Feeney
The Role of the Wrestling Referee by Ira Fleckman
Role of the Assistant Referee by Jon Hammond
Assistant Referee Responsibility List
Preventive Officiating by Ira Fleckman
Wrestling Refereeing for Beginners by Jim Woolnough
Proactive Officiating by Duane Morgan
Handling Coaches During the Match by Mike Pyle
How to Become a Better Official by Jack Beard
Self Evaluation Guide by Bert Lawlor
You're the Worst Referee Ever by Fred Feeney
Body Speak by Peter Sacco taken from Referee Magazine
Verbalizing by Bob Turner
Professionalism in Wrestling by Bob Turner
Conflict Resolution by Dave Gannaway
Referees and Their Duties by Byron Olson
Rule 3
Timers and Scorers - Different than NFHS but Awesome !
Be Prepared, a Referee's Checklist by Ed Rawlins
Pre Meet Duties Checklist
Pre Meet Duties Slide Show by Byron Olson
Rule 4
Skin Disorder Slide Show by Dr. Robert Silverman
Skin Disorder Journal Article by Dr Dienst, Dr. Dightman, Dr Dworkin, & Dr Thompson
Skin Infections in Athletes by Dr Randy Martin
NWCA Webinar for Skin Diseases - Nice Content
Rule 5
Near Falls and Escapes by Scott Myers and Jack Kruse
Near Fall Scoring by Jim Woolnough
Near Fall Chart in regards to Blood Time and Injury Time by Ed Rawlins
Visual Near Fall Description by Steve Long
Establishing or Losing Control by the PNWOA
Rule 6
Correctable Errors by Gary Berkowitz
Rule 7
Illegal Holds Presentation by Jim Vreeland
Illegal Holds / Maneuvers by Deno White - Great Photos
Fleeing the Mat by Jim Vreeland
Coach Misconduct vs Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Coach by Ed Rawlins
Handling Coaches During the Match by Mike Pyle
Stalling...It is Simple by Fred Feeney
Stalling, A Philosophy by Ed Rawlins
Stalling Descriptive Outline by Fred Feeney
Stalling, The Toughest Call in Wrestling by Mike Pyle
Stalling by Dick Loewenstine
KWOA Guide to Stalling - Excellent Suggestions, Great read!
Stalling presentation from NFHS by Dick Loewenstine
Leg Wrestling - Stalemate versus Stalling
Illegal Cradle Situation / Locked Hands - This gets missed a lot
Rule 8
NFHS Penalty Chart
Be Sure of the Bite by Jim Vreeland